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Health Insurance

Whether you are unemployed, self-employed, a part-time worker, or simply looking for better health insurance, everyone deserves a health care plan that addresses their needs. Here at Portman Insurance , we are dedicated to working with each one of our Cincinnati clients to find a plan that gives them the coverage they need at a cost they can afford.


    Why do I need health insurance?

  • Health care costs have risen significantly over the last several years. Most Americans would be financially devastated by any serious injury or illness. In exchange for a relatively tiny monthly premium, an insurance company guarantees that you will have the money to pay for the health care that you need without worrying about bankruptcy or financially ruining your loved ones.
  • What should I consider when choosing a health plan?

  • Finding a health insurance plan that strikes the right balance between your needs and your ability to pay can be difficult. Here at Portman Insurance , we will help guide you to find the best coverage for your situation, but there are several things to consider that will help you to understand what kind of health insurance you need.                        How often you anticipate using health care services?                        How much can you afford?                                               
  •                        What deductible helps you keep your premiums within                        your budget?

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